c9 a1

I will not be blogging over the summer break. I  will not because I will be very busy over the summer. I will be mowing lawns over the summer trying to get enough money to buy a video camera that costs $249.99. I will also be going to a horse camp for two weeks from june 12 to june 25. At the camp we don’t have any technology so I will not be able to blog. I am also taking percussion lessons for band class over the summer. Over the summer I will also be hanging out with friends and maybe going on a vacation with my family.

c7 save the earth

I help the Earth by recycling in homeroom every tuesday. Every tuesday I go to a class room and take the recycling bin and put it into the larger recycling thing that is outside our school. I recycle for Mrs.Premo’s room. I like doing this because I know that I am helping the planet. That was my post about how I help the Earth.

c7 animal migration

There are not any animals near me that I notice who migrate. I use to think that squirrels would migrate but my sister told me that I was wrong. It turns out that squirrels don’t migrate or hibernate. I was very disappointed in them because it becomes very cold in Wisconsin over the winter and lots of squirrels die by becoming frozen. That is my post about animal migration.

c7 people migration

My family has always lived in the same town of Columbus, W.I.. We have moved many times from different houses but we have stayed in Columbus. My mother even lived in the town of Columbus when she was a child. My mom lived in Orlando for like three years of her life while working in Sea World. That is my post about how my family has moved.

c7 celebrations family

This post is about my family celebrations. My family does have large family                 get-togethers including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and family reunions. When my family gets together we don’t really talk that much unless it is my great grandmother’s Thanksgiving/Christmas party. We don’t normally talk very much because there is no one there that is around my age. We also don’t really tell any stories when we get together. That is a post about my family celebrations.

c7 Earth day

On earth day I plant things in my garden and  pick up trash that I find around town. I also take part in get up and play day which is a day that you are supposed to turn off your t.v. and go play outside. Nickelodeon supports get up play day by showing no t.v. shows through the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. I am very proud of participating in these activities because I am helping the world. Those are just a few things that I do to help the Earth on Earth day. Challenge 7 – Moving time

c6 visitors

This post is about my visitors and comments. I do not really have any regular visitors besides a person named LindaJ. I think that she is the person whos group I am in so that is probably why she has commented on my blog. To get more visiters I could try to make my blog more interesting and include more things besides challenges. a reason why I don’t get that many comments is most likely because I don’t comment people back. If I started to comment people back I would probably get more people to visit my site and comment on more posts. That is my post about people commenting and visiting my site.Challenge 6 – Testing time